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What People Are Saying About The Saint of Carrington…

★★★★★ Worthy!  

“This book is worthy of adding to the great tradition of Christmas novels. Enjoyable read!!”

           – Amazon Review


★★★★★ The Gift of the Carrington

The Saint of Carrington is a wonderful novel about the magic of Christmas and the endurance of love. What a wonderful movie this story would make!! In the novel we are told that seeing is not believing, but, rather, one must believe in order to see……..that we should look and listen with our hearts. How very true. Thank you, Ms. James, for this heartwarming tale of Christmas. I would highly recommend it !! Merry Christmas!!

           – Amazon Review


★★★★★ Carrington is holiday magic!

A delightful and emotionally stirring holiday story. If this book doesn’t restore your Christmas spirit, nothing will!

           – Amazon Review


★★★★★ Instant Christmas Classic -MUST READ EACH YEAR

I absolutely love this heartwarming Christmas story. I am a HUGE fan of Christmas stories, and this has quickly risen to the top. One of my favorite Christmas stories is “Christmas Shoes” to the point that I re-read it every holiday season. However, I’m going to bump that book for this one now. This story provides hope and love between generations that I think we so badly need right now. All the characters are very relatable and lovable.

I LOVE this story and HIGHLY recommend it if you need a new Christmas read.

           – Amazon Review


★★★★★ An enchanting tale

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
This story was very well written, and drew me in from the first sentence–She handed him the tarnished silver key. Seems like a simple sentence, but I had to know what that key opened. I liked the characters, especially young William and Nick. This is a story about loss, healing, and faith. There’s some magic in it as well. Everything ties together at the end and left this reader with a smile. The only thing I had a small issue with was Simon’s character. I thought his demeanor changed too quickly, but it was a minor thing. Overall, this was a solid story, and I highly recommend it for a true Christmas experience. I look forward to checking out other titles by this author.

           – Amazon Review


“The Saint of Carrington’s themes of hope and healing infused with mystery and adventure will be immensely appealing to the mainstream readership who enjoy a great holiday read. It is a novel that charms, entertains, and above all, profoundly resonates with its audience.”

           – Editorial Review from Jefferson Franklyn UK  (excerpt)


“Your book, The Saint of Carrington, got me thru a really painful time in my life. I lost both my mom and my best friend a week before Christmas and went to a very dark place. I knew Christmas would never be the same again. An editor friend of mine gave me her “Advanced Reader Copy” to read and said it might help me get thru the holidays. To be honest, I don’t know how I would have made thru it without this book. While I was reading it, it started to fill a hole in my heart that I thought would be empty forever and it also allowed me to feel some sense of joy at a time when there was no more joy in me. Thank you for helping me find hope for the future and feel that someday this pain will go away, my heart will heal, and I will love Christmas again. I promise I will buy a copy when it comes out and I will read it every year.”

           -Tillie Noxwell  (received as a thank you letter to the author/used with permission)


★★★★★ A new classic has been written.

“The story held my interest from the very beginning. I was immediately drawn into the story by both the story and the setting. I’ve always enjoyed this period, with its old-world charm and industrial revolution undertones. I love Elayne James’s descriptive style, especially that of the hotel and Santa’s machines. I could relate to the main characters, especially with the loss of Garrett and the excitement of Christmas for the children. Every mention of Garret made me feel a sense of love. I felt hope through Nora as she tried to understand the extent of what her husband was and had done, and also William’s quest to discover who he was. I loved the setting and the description of the hotel. It brought me back to the first time I read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when the children were exploring the old man’s house.

I enjoyed this book enormously and think it would make a wonderful addition to any Christmas library.

          -Noel Hawkins  (Extended version of Amazon Review received as an email to the author)


“This book was really good. I loved the writing, the descriptions, the imagination, the creativity, the messages, the setting, and the characters! It all took me right to the place and time (Swiss Alps, 1899)! loved all the details and could envision everything so clearly. I really felt the spirit of Christmas within its pages and it made me long for a simpler time when holidays and family love meant so much. It also started me thinking about how many have lost the magic of Christmas even today with the commercialization and lack of belief in the magic of Santa Claus. I could honestly relate to all the characters and their various issues, struggles, hopes, and dreams. I only wish I had time to read this book twice. What a sweet Christmas story!”

           -Cindy Burtt    (received as an email to the author/ used with permission)


FULL Jefferson Franklyn REVIEW:

“The Saint of Carrington immediately draws the reader in with an evocative and foreboding opening reminiscent of great Victorian literature–from Dickens to Carol–that gently coaxes the reader into the story with dreamlike images and a promise of intrigue. A vivid, intoxicating setting is established, it’s material details rendered through splendorous scents and textures.

The narrative maintains a balance between prose and dialogue with skill, taking the time to render the contours of the Carrington Grand Hotel, a character in the novel in its own right, with luxury and grandiloquence.

Carrington’s themes of hope and healing infused with mystery and adventure will be immensely appealing to the mainstream readership who enjoy a great holiday read.
The Saint of Carrington is a novel that charms, entertains, and above all, profoundly resonates with its audience.”

           – Jefferson Franklyn UK