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May your holidays be filled with love, light, and healing. It is my sincere hope that Carrington will bring a bit of all three into your life.

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Why am I giving this book away for free when it is for sale on Amazon for $15.95?

The answer is simple. I want it to reach those for whom it was intended (when you read the dedication, you will understand). My true Christmas wish this year is that Carrington finds its way into the hearts of all those who need a little Christmas magic this season.

Please send this link to anyone who is struggling this Christmas. It just might help them to feel the hope, joy, and wonder of the season– https://wp.me/P8vUZX-el — And couldn’t we all use a little more hope, joy, and wonder in our lives? 

 PS: If you prefer to buy the paperback version, here is the link: The Saint of Carrington on Amazon

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“The Saint of Carrington’s themes of hope and healing infused with mystery and adventure will be immensely appealing to the mainstream readership who enjoy a great holiday read. It is a novel that charms, entertains, and above all, profoundly resonates with its audience”

————– – Jefferson Franklyn UK

“You are cordially invited to The Carrington Grand Hotel for an old-fashion 1890s Christmas. This holiday season, warm your heart and escape to the mountain town of Carrington for an uplifting tale of family and forgiveness, ancient secrets and new beginnings, and the enduring Christmas spirit.”           

————– – World Nouveau Books

In the tradition of timeless Christmas books like Richard Paul Evans’ The Christmas Box, and the moving, uplifting works of Donna VanLiere’s The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Hope, The Saint of Carrington will reach into the hearts of readers at any age and soon have all believing in the true magic of Christmas.

Amazon Book Description:

The story of a man who has lost his way, a town that has lost its faith in Santa Claus, and the young boy who teaches them all to believe again. The Saint of Carrington is a warmhearted tale of love, loss, the power of family, and the magic of Christmas.


It is December 1899, a time of great promise and industrial adventure, but ever since William Thomas lost his father last year at Christmastime, the festive season holds no enchantment and the turn of the century offers no excitement.

When Will stumbles upon his father’s secret treasure box hidden in the attic, and finds tickets for an ocean voyage to take him and his family across the Atlantic to an obscure little town in the Swiss Alps, it seems his father is reaching out to him from beyond the grave. The small note attached simply said, ‘Save for Christmas.’

But when William sees the time and date of purchase–mere hours before his father’s death–he knows he, his sister and mother, must find the courage to take a leap of faith and journey to a secret place called Carrington.

What he doesn’t know, is who waits for him on the other side.


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