Dream Alchemy

He didn’t look like a monster, but in dreams, things can transform from benign to frightening in the space of a heartbeat. His half-grin turned into a full toothy smile as he said, “I am not one of your monsters, but I will teach you a little trick I know… one that will make it so you’ll never again fear any monster. Would you like to learn it?”
I nodded, albeit cautiously. Curious thing though; his voice was that of a younger man, like water over smooth river rocks, not at all gravelly or gruff, and it had a calming effect on me.

The Dream Stone

(The Stone Throw Theory)

The greatest lessons in life sometimes come from the most unexpected places.

One late afternoon, on a warm spring day in my nineteenth year, I sat with a friend of mine on a cliff in Palos Verdes, gazing out at the Pacific blue. Waiting for the sun to set, we sat in silence, feeling our separate worlds merge.

Wisdom of the Waves (part 2)

Everything went quiet and still inside and I begin to see each individual drop of water move in slow motion. The roar and the pounding of the waves in my ears had gone quiet. Everything slowed down so much that I had enough time to think complete thoughts and contemplate the situation, but I was so taken by what I was seeing, that the only thoughts I had were feelings: peace, serenity, and utter fascination.