Wisdom of the Waves (part 1)

I was raised next to the Pacific Ocean. I grew up a “surfer girl,” and a musician, listening to the Beach Boys, who grew up in the same place.

The ocean was one of my greatest teachers. I believe the wisdom of the waves can help us deal with the complexities of emotion at any age, and see us through many of life’s difficulties and hardships along the way. 

Here’s what it taught me…

➸ How to be The Hero of Your Own Story – Part One (1 of 3)

Want to know the best advice I’ve ever received as a writer AND as a human being?

Here it is:

Be the hero of your own story.

This advice set me on a new life path and everything changed!

For me, being the hero of my own story means living my life by all the same principles and doctrines I hold my protagonists to…

➸ How to be the Hero of Your Own Story – Part Two (2 of 3)

Your life is your story. Your choices are your path. Don’t let someone else choose for you.

As a writer and a student of human nature, I have the on-going pleasure of studying the many different aspects of life, our world, and its varied characters. One of the most fascinating of these is our culture’s archetypes, and heroes are arguably among of the most enduring and endearing of the archetypal class. Heroes in their myriad forms have been requisite to story, myth, and legend throughout the history of humankind. What follows is Part Two of my hero traits list… a collection of high caliber qualities and attributes I believe we can all aspire to…