Sacred Symmetry: The Dance of Dark & Light

I have always been fascinated with the idea behind the Italian word, “Chiaroscuro.” There is no English equivalent. For a language to have a word that encompasses both light and dark into one unifying concept, speaks volumes about its people. Chiaroscuro [kjaroˈskuːro]; is the Italian word for light-dark (chiaro, meaning light, and scuro, meaning dark)….

“Art for Art’s Sake”

When I write, I, as the conduit, eventually disappear, transmuted into energy… a presence, like wind on water… able to influence the surface, but the depth and breadth below is a quality unto itself.

Art has always been an inner path for me, and a personal driving force in my life, but for the past two decades, it is also my livelihood.

There are times when the idea of “art for art’s sake” vs. art for monetary gain, becomes food for thought.