Wisdom of the Waves (part 1)

I was raised next to the Pacific Ocean. I grew up a “surfer girl,” and a musician, listening to the Beach Boys, who grew up in the same place.

The ocean was one of my greatest teachers. I believe the wisdom of the waves can help us deal with the complexities of emotion at any age, and see us through many of life’s difficulties and hardships along the way. 

Here’s what it taught me…

Wisdom of the Waves (part 2)

Everything went quiet and still inside and I begin to see each individual drop of water move in slow motion. The roar and the pounding of the waves in my ears had gone quiet. Everything slowed down so much that I had enough time to think complete thoughts and contemplate the situation, but I was so taken by what I was seeing, that the only thoughts I had were feelings: peace, serenity, and utter fascination.