Falling Awake (Part 2) The Choice for Love

The other day, while searching THE LOST PATH—book 3 of The LightBridge Legacy (coming out in 2021) for a quote, I found this; “What occupies your mind will soon occupy your life. If that is hatred, you will find evidence of hate in all you survey. If that is love, you will find the presence of love all around you.” From The Tome of the Light Masters

This is a truism. I focus on heroes and see heroes everywhere I look…at the supermarket, in the park, at my auto repair shop, and Starbucks, at the beach and on the streets,  in our homes and in our schools… we are all surrounded by heroes.

I see heroes in every face, no matter who they are or what they are doing. 

Is it wrong to see past a person’s facade to the hero inside? Some think so. I have been accused of seeing only what I want to see, of not facing reality—the hard truth that people are cruel and self-centered. I’ve been blamed for always seeing the good and believing the best in people, even when it’s not there.

But I am of the opinion that if you see and believe the best in people, you will often bring out the best in people, or at the very least, you will draw good people to you. If you look for and/or believe the worst about people, you will draw that kind of person to you. This is not just theory. I have seen it proven hundreds if not thousands of times in my lifetime.

And yeah, that means I can be viewed as naive at times, a target for the unbelievers and wrongdoers of the world, but, in truth, I would rather think the best of people and be taken advantage of every once in a while, than view the world with cynicism and skepticism and become jaded. I believe negativity is a form of mental pollution. It requires constant, vigilant thought-recycling.

What if positivity is actually a superpower?

To look upon the world and its people with kind eyes is not a failing or a fallacy or a weakness. It doesn’t mean we don’t see all that is “wrong” with the world, it only means that we have chosen not to regard adversity as bad or unnecessary. I’ve made a conscious choice not to judge harshly the actions of others because I truly believe we are all doing the best we can with the circumstances we’ve been given (or have unknowingly chosen).

I believe that our souls choose for us those experiences that will help us evolve, but it is up to us to see the lessons and take the next step toward self-evolution and awareness. Those who do harm in this world have not yet awakened to their purpose. They are sleepwalkers who have not yet opened their eyes to what is good and true. There will always be sleepwalkers and sleep-wakers.

I have done my share of sleepwalking, but something always wakes me. Often it is a book. Sometimes written by others, spiritual mentors I call them, and sometimes, it is my own stories that wake me. Putting pen to paper has such organic, ancient ties that it brings me back to myself again and again, and allows me access to my own wisdom. We all have that place in ourselves that knows the answers, that place that is connected to our intuition, to divine mind, to the wisdom of the cosmos, and it is up to us, each individually, to reach inside and listen for that still, small voice. The more we do, the less we sleepwalk.

Love is the teacher here, no matter the lesson.

And love is the lesson, no matter the teacher. To awaken is to see that “every choice we make is either an expression of love or a call for love.” To awaken is to see anger, hate, malice (in yourself and others) and to feel only compassion, for these are all fear-based calls for love.

Those who express fear in hurtful ways are sleepwalking inside their own nightmares and have not yet found a way to wake themselves. If you return their hatred with hate, you do not contribute to their awakening, you reinforce their nightmare. If you reciprocate with love, you create the tiniest crack in their self-imposed prison where light can shine through. It’s a worthy endeavor because you never know when someone might just see that light and start toward it.

To be awake is to make the choice for love.

Many Blessings,


The_choice_for_Love_EGJ (1)

Post Script Title for Blog

I am compelled to explain that when I say “reciprocate with love” I am not talking about reaching out to sleepwalkers in all their rage, taking their hand, telling them you love them, or giving them a big hug. That will, at best, be ineffectual, and at worst, enrage them more. No, the love I refer to is what I call “beaming.” It takes only a moment. It is completely silent and exhibits no visual indicators. I just picture the clouds parting, the sky opening up, and a healing light beaming love and acceptance down from the heavens directly into them.

Often, they will feel it energetically and not know what hit them, only that their anger is diffused a bit and they don’t quite feel like yelling anymore. It is an amazing thing to witness. But even if my “beaming” elicits no response at all, the good has been done, and I, myself feel differently inside. Of course, I don’t always remember to do this when I am swept up in a moment of swirling emotion, but when I do have the presence of mind to take a step back and choose love over fear, miracles usually follow.  ☜♥☞

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