Some of my Favorite People are Fictitious

_I Love my Characters

It’s true. When I read a great book, I fall in love with its characters and dearly miss them when the book is done. I know you get this. It happens to anyone who loves to read. So you have an inkling of what I mean when I tell you it is the same for me when I write a book, only tenfold.

Yep, I admit it. I fall deeply in love with the characters in my books. For the time that I am writing them, they are very real to me. I live with them for years (I write very slowly), and learn to love them more with each passing day. It is a relationship as true as any other, for my mind and heart (and don’t all relationships start in the mind and heart?).

I love my characters. I listen to what they have to say, their wishes and dreams, their hopes and fears . . . they tell me who they need to become and I stay true to that.

I am there for them in the same way I am for anyone I love. And like my loved ones, they are there for me as well. In my darkest hours, when I lose hope, or lose my way, they are standing right beside me . . . teaching me to love again, reminding me of who I am . . . saying ‘You are a writer. You are not alone.’ You are never alone. And in those quiet moments, when words become a waterfall of hope, I know where I belong.

If I had one wish for my books, it would be for them to go out into the world and give to others what they give to me. To find hearts that need healing, minds that need courage and strength, souls that need light. To seek out all who might be searching for that sense of home and purpose. To find every heart that needs to know they are not alone, and have them say, ‘Here I am. Take my hand. And together we will find our way.’

Every story I start is a quest…

For adventure.

For truth.

For healing.

For wisdom.

For Light.

For strength.

For courage.

For love.

And every book I finish is a journey home.

That’s all I really wanted to say today.

Thanks for spending time with me,



PS: At my house, this is my favorite morning mug for a reg cup of coffee. Originally, I made it just for me. But so many people have asked where I got it that I decided to put it up for sale. Here’s the Zazzle link in case you want to purchase one for yourself or a writer friend.

Ficticious Mug

I’ve been asked where this quote came from, so here’s the story…
I was at a writer’s conference where I ran into a young fan of my books and she mentioned how Ani Jasper (the main character of The LightBridge Series), felt like a true friend after reading Book One: The Secret Half, and she couldn’t wait to continue the series so that she could spend more time with her “friend.”
I said, “Yeah, I know just what you mean.  Some of my favorite people are fictitious.”
She laughed and said, “If you ever put that on a t-shirt, I want one.”
So I did.

And for the afternoons, when I need a jumbo-sized cup of coffee, I made this one

Read, Write, Dream_Mug

Here’s a fun spiral notebook I made with the same quote…

Book Lovers & Writers Spiral Bound Notebook

There’s more fun stuff for book lovers and writers on my Zazzle page…

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