My First Stradivarius

“You NEVER forget your first!” This experience moved me, changed me, gave my soul wings, and I will never forget it.

I remember standing for the first time before a painting by Rembrandt. I became lost in the play of light and shadow, the life of each brushstroke. I became lost in time. For an instant it was as if I were there, watching him paint his masterpiece. His vivid essence remained, even centuries after he put brush to canvas. I stood there. Transfixed. Forgetting to breathe.

This was like that but amplified a hundred times.

The Dream Stone

(The Stone Throw Theory)

The greatest lessons in life sometimes come from the most unexpected places.

One late afternoon, on a warm spring day in my nineteenth year, I sat with a friend of mine on a cliff in Palos Verdes, gazing out at the Pacific blue. Waiting for the sun to set, we sat in silence, feeling our separate worlds merge.

A Musical Legacy

“Music will be the longest relationship you will ever have. It is in your heart and your blood and will be until the day you die. Give it the attention and respect it needs and deserves, and it will heal you in ways you cannot yet imagine.”

Wisdom of the Waves (part 1)

I was raised next to the Pacific Ocean. I grew up a “surfer girl,” and a musician, listening to the Beach Boys, who grew up in the same place.

The ocean was one of my greatest teachers. I believe the wisdom of the waves can help us deal with the complexities of emotion at any age, and see us through many of life’s difficulties and hardships along the way. 

Here’s what it taught me…

Wisdom of the Waves (part 2)

Everything went quiet and still inside and I begin to see each individual drop of water move in slow motion. The roar and the pounding of the waves in my ears had gone quiet. Everything slowed down so much that I had enough time to think complete thoughts and contemplate the situation, but I was so taken by what I was seeing, that the only thoughts I had were feelings: peace, serenity, and utter fascination. 

The Death of Sunshine

On my way to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, I didn’t know I was about to receive a lesson in “The Illusion of Permanence.”

“Art for Art’s Sake”

When I write, I, as the conduit, eventually disappear, transmuted into energy… a presence, like wind on water… able to influence the surface, but the depth and breadth below is a quality unto itself.

Art has always been an inner path for me, and a personal driving force in my life, but for the past two decades, it is also my livelihood.

There are times when the idea of “art for art’s sake” vs. art for monetary gain, becomes food for thought.

Sacred Symmetry: The Dance of Dark & Light

I have always been fascinated with the idea behind the Italian word, “Chiaroscuro.” There is no English equivalent. For a language to have a word that encompasses both light and dark into one unifying concept, speaks volumes about its people.   Chiaroscuro [kjaroˈskuːro]; is the Italian word for light-dark (chiaro, meaning light, and scuro, meaning…

The Long Dark Hallway of the Soul

The silence was devastating. I wanted to say something that would help my friend, wanted to ease her pain, wanted to go back in time and stop it from happening. I wanted to hug her, tell her that everything was going to be alright, but I was 600 miles away and… it was never going to be alright.

Falling Awake (Part 1) Being an Introspective Introvert

For the longest time, I felt I didn’t belong here. I felt out of place in the human world, perhaps, in part, because of my extreme dyslexia, which made me literally see things differently from everyone else… that and my over-abundant imagination—I knew the world was magical, but I was surrounded by people who didn’t believe in magic. Things that were important to me just didn’t seem all that important to other people, which made me a bit of a freak. So as a child, I somehow decided it would be a good idea not to need anyone. I had my stories to keep me engaged, and my characters to keep me company. I poured love into my creations, not into human relationships, and became an introspective introvert, but then a strange thing happened…

Falling Awake Part 2 – The Choice for Love

I have done my share of “sleepwalking,” but something always wakes me t. Often it is a book. Sometimes written by others, and sometimes, it is my own stories that wake me. Putting pen to paper has such organic, ancient ties that it brings me back to myself again and again, and allows me access to my own wisdom. We all have that place in ourselves that knows the answers, that place that is connected to our intuition, to divine mind, to the wisdom of the cosmos, and it is up to us, each individually, to reach inside and listen for that still, small voice. The more we do, the less we sleepwalk.